Honey in the lion

“Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness” Judges 15


That out of the body of feared strength,
The lion of father of my fathers
where the Ark shows the sign to us,
Should be the nest of bees
In which I am one in name.*

Riddle of appearance,
That the lion asks with his eyes
For other becoming, and cannot
That bees might beget butterflies,
But habitate honeycombs,

Honey in the lion,
The living part of death,
My mother and father natures
And their ancient body breath
Grows in mine
How sweet the song may be/become,
How strong the thought/the answers.

Audacity of life:
The possibility of finding and of loss,
I speak of Them,
I am Thou,
Saying Yes and No in meeting,
an answer.

*Dvorah, meaning a bee, is the Hebrew name for Doris.

See the Way of Response by Martin Buber

(all text above as excerpted from Doris’s book – MG)

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